How to order Tangible Boost

Tangible Boost is a prescription (Rx) only conditioning solution that can be purchased directly from your eye care practitioner.
If your practitioner does not stock Tangible Boost, or is not able to, you can purchase directly from us online at:

When you place an order for Tangible Boost, you will be asked to provide your practitioner's name and contact information. This is needed so we can follow up with them to receive your prescription for Tangible Boost. Once we receive your prescription, we will activate your order and process it for shipping. You will receive a confirmation email once your order is shipped.

Moving forward, you will still be asked for your Rx information prior to every new order of Tangible Boost so we can verify who you are in our system. If you purchase a subscription for Tangible Boost, you will not be asked for this Rx information for subsequent orders.

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