Tangible Boost

  • Can I use Tangible Boost on a hybrid contact lens?

    No. Tangible Boost is not approved for use with hybrid contact lenses coated with Tangible Hydra-PEG.
  • Does Tangible Boost work on lenses not coated in Tangible Hydra-PEG?

    No! Tangible Boost does not work on lenses that are not coated with Tangible Hydra-PEG. Tangible Boost works by binding to the layer of Tangible Hydra-PEG already present on the lens. If there is no layer of Tangible Hydra-PEG present, then Tangible Boost will not be able to bind.
  • How do I use Tangible Boost?

    These Step by Step instructions are printed on every box of Tangible Boost, and are also included in an instruction handout in every box. Step 1: Combine both Tangible Boost solutions into Tangible Boost case. Step 2: Clean lenses by rubbing in Tangible Clean multipurpose cleaning and disinfe...
  • How large is the Tangible Boost lens case?

    The lens case that is included in every box of Tangible Boost has a 23mm diameter, and an 8mm depth.
  • How much does Tangible Boost cost?

    For patients, Tangible Boost costs $40.00 for a 2-pack box. Each 2-pack box includes 2x monthly treatments, and 2x contact lens cases. Tangible Boost comes with free shipping for subscriber orders. If you do you not have a prescription for Tangible Boost, you can request an Rx here and our team w...
  • How to order Tangible Boost

    Tangible Boost is a prescription (Rx) only conditioning solution that can be purchased directly from your eye care practitioner. If your practitioner does not stock Tangible Boost, or is not able to, you can purchase directly from us online at: https://tangiblescience.com/products/tangible-boost?...
  • What is included in a 2-Pack Box of Tangible Boost?

    A box of Tangible Boost contains all the materials required for two monthly treatments, including two (2) foil pouches each containing a monthly Boost treatment, two (2) lens cases for soaking, and an instruction manual.
  • What solutions are compatible with Tangible Boost?

    The recommended solution for use with Tangible Boost is the Tangible Clean multipurpose cleaning and disinfecting solution. Other compatible solutions that can be used with Tangible Boost include Boston SIMPLUS, and Menicon Unique pH.
  • Why am I getting deposits on my lenses if am using Tangible Boost?

    Tangible Boost is meant to prolong the peak performance of the Tangible Hydra-PEG coating. One of the benefits of Hydra-PEG is that it will help lenses be more resistant to deposits building up on the lens. However, it will not cause a reduction in the amount of protein and other lipids your eye ...
  • Why do I have to enter my practitioner's information to purchase Tangible Boost?

    Since Tangible Boost is a prescription product per the FDA, we must verify that each patient who orders Tangible Boost is doing so with a valid prescription from a practitioner eligible to prescribe it. This process allows us to be able to offer online access to purchase Tangible Boost and is usu...