How to manage your Tangible subscription

If you are subscribed to Tangible Clean or Tangible Boost, you have the ability to change your next delivery date, skip orders, or even change the frequency of your future orders to better fit your cleaning regimen. This article will help you navigate to your subscription page, and familiarize yourself with the options.

Subscribing to Tangible Clean

When you visit the Tangible Clean product page, the default option is to subscribe and save. You will also have the option of selecting the frequency of your automatic orders. It is recommended to plan to use a 12oz bottle of Tangible Clean each 2 months, but your use may vary! When you subscribe to Tangible Clean you can choose to select the amount of bottles you want per renewal period. The more bottles you subscribe to receive, the more you will save.

After completing the checkout process for your subscription you will receive an introduction email from us, and will be notified 3 days prior to each renewal. You will also receive a follow-up email to set a password for your account on If you do not receive this email, you will still be able to set your password by visiting our log-in page here. 

Managing your subscription

After subscribing, you might want to change some of your subscription settings. You are able to do so at any time! First, you will need to log in to your account by clicking "Log In" on our homepage. If you did not set your login information during checkout, click on the prompt that says "Having issues managing your subscriptions?" so reset your login information.

Once logged in you will be greeted with the following screen that shows your order history. On the bottom right part of the page click on "Manage Subscriptions". This will direct you to your subscription dashboard.


When you get to your subscription dashboard, you will see a list of active subscriptions and cancelled subscriptions. In this example we see an active Tangible Clean subscription and a cancelled Tangible Boost subscription. You can see from this screen when your next renewal date is for your active subscription. If you need to change this date, click on the "Edit" button (circled in the below image).


Clicking on the edit button will show you the following menu options for your active subscription (also pictured below).

Next Charge Date - This field shows you when your next renewal will be. If you click on this field you can change your next renewal date. You can choose to push your subscription back further, or place your next order immediately.

Delivery Schedule - This shows the frequency that your orders ship. If this field shows "4 months", that means your order ships every 4 months. You can change the frequency of your deliveries by clicking on this field and selecting a new frequency.

Order Now - This option immediately charges your next renewal.

Skip Shipment - This option skips your next renewal date. For example, you may have an order on 7/1/21 and you receive shipments each month. If you click "Skip Shipment" you 7/1/21 shipment will be skipped, and your next renewal will be on 8/1/21.


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