Scleral Lens Handling Tips

Below are some assorted scleral lens tips and tricks put together by the Scleral Lens Society. For more information and FAQ's be sure to visit their complete FAQ's here.

Solution and Handling Questions

Do I need to clean and disinfect my scleral contact lenses every night?
Yes, cleaning and disinfecting your lenses every night helps remove the build up of deposits and helps kill bacteria that could lead to eye infections.

Why do I need to use preservative free saline to fill the bowl of my scleral lens?
Long term exposure of solutions with preservatives can cause sensitivity of toxicity to the cornea resulting in redness and irritation. This is why it is advised to use a preservative free saline as a filling solution for your scleral lenses.

How long can I use my scleral lens plunger for?
It is recommended to change your plunger every 3 months in order to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination.

Can I wear make up with my scleral lenses?
Yes you can, but insert your lenses prior to using your make up products. If these products come in contact with your make up then it can cause a disruption in your quality of vision.

Lens Wear Questions

How do I know if there's an air bubble in my lens?
If you apply the lens an notice that your vision is blurry or the lens feels uncomfortable, you may have an air bubble trapped underneath. Sometimes you can see the bubble if you look in the mirror, but other times you cannot. If you think there is a bubble, remove the lens and reapply it.

Is it safe to sleep in my lenses?
No! Sleeping in your lenses reduces oxygen transmission to the eye. This can cause swelling of the cornea and the abnormal growth of blood vessels.

Lens Removal Questions

What can I do if I can't remove the lens from my eye?
First of all, try not to panic. We understand it is stressful not being able to get a lens out of your eye, but if you remain calm and are careful with your placement of the plunger you will almost always be able to remove the lens. Be sure that you are placing the plunger peripherally on the lens, remembering that you should not have to pull very hard on the plunger once it has established suction. If you have trouble establishing suction with the lens, try wetting the end of the plunger.

If you still cannot get the lens off using this method, use your finger to push on the white part of your eye, just adjacent to the lens edge. This will usually create an air pocket in the lens and should make it much easier to remove with the plunger.

A third method that you can try is to actually slide the edge of the plunger underneath the peripheral lens edge, and use it as a lever to dislocate the lens. If you resort to this third method, the lens may flip out of the eye and fall, so be sure to have a good method of catching the lens (ie. soft clean towel on counter).
If you have tried these removal techniques and still cannot remove the lens, you may need to call your closest eye doctor for professional assistance.

Below is a video from the Scleral Lens Society that discusses even more insertion, removal, and troubleshooting tips for your lenses! Be sure to check them out here for more detailed information on scleral lens tips and tricks:

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