Why Is Tangible Boost Unavailable?

Tangible Boost monthly conditioning solution

Tangible Boost has been unavailable to order for some time now. We acknowledge and apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused. We hope the information below helps in understanding the issues and our efforts to resolve them.

The Tangible Boost delay is largely due to the global supply chain issues a lot of us are experiencing. With the many factors that must fall into place to successfully provide our products to patients, even a small problem with one of those factors can cause a delay in the chain. We encountered an unanticipated problem with our manufacturer of Tangible Boost.

Since Tangible Boost is a federally regulated medical product, a change in manufacturing requires extensive testing to ensure the quality of our products and top notch care and safety of our patients.

When Will Tangible Boost be Available?

New Tangible Boost inventory is being manufactured at this moment, but we can not release it to patients until our thorough testing is complete. Our team is working diligently to make Tangible Boost available as soon as possible but at this time we do no yet have a delivery date. Once Tangible Boost is available for order fulfillment, we will notify patients enrolled in Tangible Care, Subscribers, and those who have placed their names on the Tangible Boost reservation list. If you are interested in receiving a message once Tangible Boost is available, please fill out the form located on our Tangible Boost product page: https://tangiblescience.com/products/tangible-boost

Caring for your lenses without Tangible Boost

Daily care is essential to caring for your Tangible Hydra-PEG lenses. Tangible Boost is a monthly conditioning treatment that does not take the place of daily lens care. Following a recommended care regimen using approved solutions will help to ensure the Hydra-PEG coating performs the very best that it can on your lenses.

Follow your eye care provider's recommended care regimen and use only these compatible solutions to clean and disinfect your lenses.

  • Tangible Clean Multi Purpose Solution
  • Unique pH
  • Boston Simplus
  • Clear Care (Original Triple Action and HydraGlyde formulas)

Added tips to care for your lenses:

Use Tangible Clean to clean and disinfect your lenses daily. If your eye care provider has recommended a peroxide system, Tangible Clean is the preferred backup solution for rinsing and short-term storage.

Use a rewetting drop throughout the day. Moist lenses feel better and perform better. Any drop approved for use with contact lenses can be used. Check with your eye care provider to see if they have a recommendation for you.

Remove lenses from your case carefully. "Scooping" them out of the case can scratch them. Try dumping the lenses into your hand, one at a time.

For more care information, please see our recommended care tips for Tangible Hydra-PEG coated lenses: https://tangiblescience.com/blogs/care-tips/tangible-hydra-peg-contact-lens-care-and-handling-tips

Again, we understand that this delay has caused an inconvenience and sincerely apologize. We greatly appreciate your patience and trust in our products.

Team Tangible

Nov 8, 2022

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